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VPX – MD2 Meltdown


MD2™ Meltdown®


Powerful Fat-Loss Support†

Extreme Energy & NO Jitters†

Laser-Like Focus†

Theacrine –> Lean And Mean –> Shredded Machine

MD2 is a powerful new fat incinerator developed with the latest and most high-tech ingredients from the VPX labs, such as the custom-synthesized Theacrine! Theacrine is a powerful new compound that is structurally similar to caffeine, and in recent studies was shown to significantly enhance energy without individual tolerance build-up over time. 

In addition to this novel compound, the MD2 formula contains a star-studded ingredient profile designed to stimulate your Central Nervous System, increase metabolic rate, and support enhanced focus for a leaner meaner you! If you’re looking to reduce ugly body fat and ramp up gains in lean muscle, it’s highly advised to stack MD2 with stimulant-free CREmTOR before your workout. CREmTOR contains VPX’s patented Creatine/Leucine peptide and patent pending 2:2:1 Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine Ratio which work in tandem to ignite not only mTOR, but also GLUT4 for explosive muscle growth. This killer supplement combo will have you breaking plateaus and moving the weights with ease!

Recommended Use: 
As a dietary supplement, the recommended serving is two MD2™ capsules. However, begin use with one MD2™ capsule daily to assess tolerance. Never exceed more than three total capsules daily or in a single dose. As a dietary supplement take MD2™ upon awakening.