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the jack stack

The Jack Stack™


Unparalleled training intensity. Blood-engorged pumps. Strength, Speed, and Endurance – the JACK STACK™ was designed to propel your training out of this world! With bleeding-edge technology, VPX® has put together the most elite pre-workout stack on the planet in 12 Gauge Shotgun™ and Carbonx™. If you want to shatter your personal records and work out stronger & harder for longer than you ever thought possible, then you need to get the Jack Stack™ TODAY from your favorite supplement retailer!

First up we have CARBONX™ – a true metabolic miracle that represents the future of carbohydrate supplementation! Carbonx™ is a combination of two potent scientific carbohydrate inventions, Carbonx™ Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (CHBCD) and Carbonx™ Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate (CHDP), which embodies the latest chemically-altered Carbohydrate super-combo in macronutrient science. Why? In part because of its mind-numbingly low DE (dextrose equivalent) of “3,” along with an ultra high molecular weight/narrow distribution carbohydrate profile. Lower molecular weight starches and sugars remain in the stomach for long periods and draw water and blood away from the muscle and, therefore, decrease performance and cause bloating. Carbonx™ is comprised of high molecular weight carbohydrates, and thus, has the opposite effect.

Remember that carbohydrates are the premier fuel source for your brain and muscles in the gym, on the court, or out in the field. Carbohydrates are also the primary source of fuel for moderate to high intensity exercise. Unlike other carbs that make you fat, studies show that the greater the dose of CHDP consumed, the more it lowered bodyfat! Carbonx™ can be mixed directly into water or combined with your favorite protein shake, meal replacement, or a preworkout formula such as the ultra-potent 12 Gauge Shotgun™!

12 Gauge Shotgun™ is Carbonx’s™ complementary component and together they forge the most elite pre-workout stack in existence! Increases in Myogenic Regulatory Factors up to 515% are proven by a study conducted at Baylor University on VPX’s original NO-Shotgun MHF-1™ formula.† This same foundational University-Proven Science has been used to develop the cutting-edge 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN™ formula.

The all new 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN™ has a far more powerful stimulant and “pump,” or muscle-volumizing effect than its predecessor, NO-Shotgun MHF-1™. Combined with Carbonx™, you can expect some of the most skin-stretching pumps you’ve ever experienced in your life! In addition, 12 Gauge acts as a central nervous system stimulator, while Carbonx™ provides your body the fuel necessary to push through even the most grueling of workouts!
The JACK STACK™ is intended ONLY for advanced athletes who seek to increase and/or break personal or competitive performance goals.