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Nature’s Best – Isopure Endurance

Isopure endurance

Go on, and on, and on, with Isopure® Endurance. The best way to help refuel during and after workouts, for a more powerful performance and ultra refreshing recovery. Packed with 20 grams of 100% pure whey protein isolate with more than enough carbs, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidant Vitamin C and E to help bring muscles back to life, and keep you going and going and…well, you get the idea. Isopure® Endurance has 2 grams of naturally occuring Glutamine and 4.3 g naturally occuring BCAA’s per serving and is lactose-free. A blend of carbs and protein. The microfiltration process used to create Isopure® is so complete that it is the only completely clear whey protein when it is dissolved in water. Recipe tip using Isopure® Endurance: For a delicious, fruity drink, mix 3 scoopfuls with 12 fluid ounces of water or juice with a shaker or blender. If a shaker or blender is not convenient, Isopure® Endurance can also be stirred into solution with a spoon.

Calories 330  
Calories From Fat 0  
Total Fat 0 g 0 %
Saturated Fat 0 g 0 %
Trans Fat 0 g  
Cholesterol 5 mg 1 %
Sodium 280 mg 12 %
Potassium 150 mg 4 %
Total Carbohydrate 60 g 20 %
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0 %
Sugars 41 g  
Protein 20 g 40 %
Vitamin A   0 %
Vitamin C   100 %
Calcium   2 %
Iron   2 %
Vitamin E   100 %
Magnesium   45 %