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Natrol – Skin, Hair, Nails

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Take care of yourself from your head to your toes with Natrol® Skin-Hair-Nails.

Natrol® Skin Hair Nails formula is vitamin enriched to naturally strengthens, nourishes and enhances growth targeted at the body’s skin, hair, and nails.

Natrol® Skin Hair Nails:

• Helps promote vibrant and healthy skin, hair and nails
• With Biotin to help nourish skin cell renewal
• With high potency vitamin C to support the production of collagen
• With unique sources of sulfur for healthy connective tissues
• With beauty-enhancing proteins

Beauty From Within
Your inner health can be reflected in your outer beauty. So take care of your health from within with Natrol’s comprehensive Skin-Hair-Nails formula. Especially designed to strengthen nails, provides nourishment for thicker hair, and enriched with vitamins for health glowing skin. Natrol Skin-Hair-Nails formula features vitamins A, C, and E along with other minerals and nutrients to help you look as good as you feel!

This vitamin-rich formula also includes:

• MSM and Cysteine - for the ultimate in radiance and shine.
Glutathione, Vitamins A, E, and C - help to minimize damage from free radicals
Vitamin C, Copper, and Beauty Proteins - to support healthy collagen and elastin function and structure.

Try Natrol® Skin-Hair-Nails formula for good health, strong nails, fuller hair, and radiant skin!