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100% Beef protein! to go! 

The power of beef at the speed of whey: 

Everyone knows that BEEF is a great source of muscle building protein. With CARNIVOR Beef Protein, lifters can capture the anabolic effects of real beef in a delicious protein supplement. Now, MuscleMeds CARNIVOR LIQUID PROTEIN SHOTS provide all the power of beef protein in delicious, on-the-go shots!

Each CARNIVOR LIQUID PROTEIN SHOT packs an incredible 50 grams of protein into 4 oz., with 350% more concentrated anabolic amino acids than a prime sirloin steak! MuscleMeds exclusive Anabolic Nitrogen Retention Technology (ANRT) helps recycle amino acids and reduce ammonia build-up for increased nitrogen retention and improved muscle growth and performance. CARNIVOR LIQUID PROTEIN SHOTS are fortified with added BCAAs and keto acids to help promote increased protein synthesis, decreased catabolism and reduced muscle fatigue. Best of all, these delicious protein shots contain NO fat, cholesterol, sugar, carbs or lactose!

MuscleMeds CARNIVOR LIQUID PROTEIN SHOTS provide 50 grams of protein for athletes on the run. Sold in 12-packs of fruit punch or orange flavors or a 6-pack of these two flavors, these shots are a superior portable protein source.

 Purity –  Bio-availability – Muscle growth connection: 

Different sources of protein vary in nutritional value, based on their chemical composition. The muscle building quality of a protein is directly related to its digestibility, bioavailability, purity and potency of amino acids. In practical terms, this pure, high potency protein is 100% digestible and bioavailable with an amino acid composition that promotes  muscle growth, performance and repair. When evaluating professional bodybuilding champion Kai Greene’s protein intake, MuscleMeds researchers noticed Kai was making far better muscle gains when eating beef than when using whey or casein supplements. At one point Kai was eating 6 to 9 lbs. of beef a day and making great gains, but the high consumption of beef was causing stomach distress and also elevating Kai’s fat intake and cholesterol. This prompted the development of CARNIVOR, the world’s first all beef protein supplement.

When creating Carnivor, the MuscleMeds research team set out to formulate the highest possible level of purity to increase bioavailability and amplify the already powerful muscle building effects of beef protein. Based on previous experience working in improving the production of proteins, the MuscleMeds research team initially set their sights on producing a beef protein supplement that would be at least as concentrated as the highest whey protein isolate, about 90%. But early in their beef protein purification process,  it was discovered that they could achieve beef protein purity closer to 99%.. Furthermore, the Beef Protein Purification Process can result in increasing the bioavailability of the beef derived protein (amino acids), which translates into increasing beef protein’s effectiveness for muscle growth. This discovery in high-tech protein supplement technology has changed the course of protein supplement usage by muscle building athletes.

  • 350% More Concentrated Than Steak
  • More Concentrated Than Whey Isolate
  • ANRT: Recycles Aminos and Minimizes Ammonia
  • Packed with Anabolic Muscle Building Aminos from Beef
  • Loaded with Creatine and Fortified with BCAAs

Carnivor’s advanced flavored technology: 

You can also add amazing taste to Carnivor’s beef protein. The MuscleMeds scientific team was pleasantly surprised when they determined that this highly purified beef protein  was free from any unusually bad flavor or after-taste that is commonly encountered with other such protein sources. From a flavor technology standpoint, this gave us the ability to create a variety of incredibly delicious Carnivor flavors.

In most other protein products, the taste of the proteins dictates the type of flavor system, for example, the endless mundane varieties of vanilla and chocolate flavored protein products.

Now with Carnivor, the flavor options were essentially limitless and developing the most delicious and appealing flavors that make you crave more of was possible.

In the quest for developing the most delicious, gourmet level Carnivor flavors, MuscleMeds decided to invest in hiring a best-in-class flavorist (flavor chemist). The consulting flavorist selected for this important project has an impressive 25 years of flavor technology experience and was involved in developing flavor systems for some of the most successful beverages and foods in the world, including a number one selling meal replacement drink. After just the first round of flavor research and development, the flavorist was able to create highly desirable fruit based flavors, which are the most popular, having the widest customer appeal and satisfaction. Additionally, to seal the deal, the fruit flavor “Ultimate Taste Appeal” was confirmed when MuscleMeds conducted its taste testing with bodybuilders, athletes and even the general public.