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In order to support the healthy functioning of the immune system to help maintain the body’s own natural defense, Natural Wellness has designed the Max-Defense™ formula with nutrients which contain  vital immune elements that are offered directly from Mother Nature.


Max-Defense ™ contains nutrients directly related to increase the immunity and which help to strengthen and maintain a wider range of immune response by stimulating the production of their own body’s defense cells.

Max-Defense ™ is a 100% organic containing the most powerful combination of nutrients known for their supportive function in maintaining health and well being of the immune system such as Selenium, Green Tea Extract, Colostrum “The oldest protection of mother nature “and the powerful curative fungi (mushrooms) used in the East for thousands of years to strengthen the immune system.
Green Tea Extract is known worldwide for its benefits in strengthening the immune and cell protection. The active components in green tea area family of polyphenols and flavonoids, which have a powerful antioxidant activity. There are evidences that green tea polyphenols and specifically the catechins may improve immune system function, contribute to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, promote weight loss and act as an anti-carcinogen.

The following are some of the effects believed to have green tea:
• Strengthen the immune system
• Prevent diabetes and hypertension
• Avoid the increase in cholesterol levels
• Stimulate the central nervous system
• Help reduce weight thanks to its thermogenic properties
• Prevent various diseases typical of aging through its antioxidant properties
• Provide some protection against tooth decay.
Max-Defense ™ provides 200 mg of Green Tea Extract with 50% of polyphenols.
Max-Defense™ provides 300mg of bovine colostrum with 25% of immunoglobulin that has been minimally processed to protect these delicate bio active compounds.
• Contains high levels of nutrients: unsaturated fatty acids, polysaccharides, minerals, triterpenoids, steroids (ganodosterona), glycoproteins (lectins), vitamins B, C and D, amino acids and over 100 antioxidants is why it is called “the mushroom of long life. Effective for cases of asthma and respiratory complications for its curative effect inthe lungs.

• Great help to treat allergies for its rich compounds called triterpenoids which act as natural anti-inflammatory and also anti-inflammatory for the respiratory system. In particular, ganoderic acid, reduces the high release of histamine thus reducing the tendency to allergy. The Lanostina tones the adrenal glands, reducing allergy symptoms and their intensity.
• Assist in chronic fatigue by strengthening the immune system.
• cardiotonic herb that improves blood flow and reduces oxygen consumption of heart muscle (because it contains ganoderic acid, which low blood pressure), cholesteroland inhibits platelet aggregation that leads heart attacks and circulatory problems .
• kidney and liver tonic. Reduces hepatic collagen content, normalizes impaired liverstructure, reduces the levels of AST (aspartate transaminase), ALT (alaninetransaminase), LDH (lactate dehydrogenase), alkaline phosphatase and total bilirubin.
• Very effective for arthritis and rheumatism.
• High doses of vitamin C, increase the effectiveness of Reishi mushroom.
• Problems of the mind: insomnia, anxiety and stress.
• One of the proteins of the Reishi mushroom, Ling Zhi-8helps to reduce the risk of transplant rejection.
• In 1990, the Center for Health Sciences at the University of Texas, found that Reishi is effective in bone and joint inflammation, stiff neck and muscle contractions.
• Support healthy metabolic activity of cells and supports the internal functions of the organs. Its daily consumption helps to remove accumulated toxins in the body and having a healthy lifestyle.
Shiitake (Lentilus EDOB) has been used for over 6,000 years for its medicinal properties and is known by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine as”mushroom of longevity or elixir of life.” It has antiviral, antibacterial and antiparasitic efects. It stimulates the immune system. Protects liver from toxins. It has antimutagenic activity. General cardiovascular protector.
Shiitake properties reported by research studies, are:
• Mushroom polysaccharides stimulate T cells efficiently, and to activate macrophages and enhance the immune response.
• Stimulates natural killer cells, important immune cells to destroy viruses.(NK). These natural killer cells use an enzyme, called perforin, whose function is to make holes in the outer membrane of enemy cells, causing leakage and eventually death.
• Contains a type of polysaccharide called beta-glucans, which are typical of the class immuno active, example, they are immuno-stimulants
• All immunological mediators (IL-1, TNF, IL-2, interferon) are genetically regulated, in particular polysaccharides Shiitake act on a gene known as Ltn-2
• Useful for the treatment of parasites and viruses from the herpes simplex and zoster.
• The Shiitake mushroom contains liginina, EP3, which is an antiviral and an immuno stimulant.

• Greatly reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in patients according to documented cases.

• The School of Medicine, Tohoku Sendai found that a Shiitake polysaccharide, lentinan, effectively inhibited insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus to develop in mice
• Accelerates processing of cholesterol in the liver. This is due to the high fiber content of dried Shiitake, which is about 37 to 46%, unlike wild vegetables that contain an average of 27% of total dietary fiber.
• Similarly, Shiitake extract protects hepatocytes from damage caused by an autoimmune reaction. Besides being “very successful in clinical use against hepatitisB in humans: all patients are cured”.
• Shiitake inhibits platelet aggregation, preventing heart attacks.
• It is a rich source of protein, potassium and zinc and contains all essential amino acids needed in our daily diet. In particular, contains large amounts of lysine and leucine.
• Vitamin D in greater quantity than other foods.
•Activates blood.

• Help for acne. Improves skin by its high content of polysaccharides.
• Increase the vigor and life force.
• The emperors in ancient times consumed Shiitake to delay aging. Nutritionists in the East, recommend it as part of the diet for their great anti-aging effect.
• Accelerates the formation of bone. Studies have been done on animals with damaged bones
• In Japan in 1983, Shiitake polysaccharide, lentinan was successfully proved in treating AIDS. Lentinan from Shiitake has been ranked as the first immunological medicine capable to increase killer T cells to restore function of auxiliary T cells.

Therefore, it can help with many illnesses:

• Its positive effect on the immune system and the fact that improves in some patients the collateral effects of chemotherapy makes many professionals to recommend it .

• Counteracts, in part, the toxicity of heavy metals contained in the environment by pollution such as cadmium, mercury and arsenic.

• It is an important oligoelement in male fertility because it is involved in the formation and mobility of sperm.
• Protects our cardiovascular system since its deficit may promote thrombosis.
• Participates in the synthesis of prostaglandins and in the production of antibodies.

It might be useful in degenerative diseases with inflammatory processes such as arthritis.
• For skin problems such as failure of elasticity, age spots, psoriasis, dandruff, seborrhea and any symptoms of the skin that involves premature aging.
• In problems of macular degeneration, cataracts, and so on.
• It also increases the production of white blood cells, neutralizes the effect of heavy metals, preventing mutations.
Chelated Selenium content in the formulation of Max-Defense ™ is of a concentration of 100 mcg each.
Max-Defense ™ is a 100% natural formula containing the following ingredients:

One tablet provides:
Selenium (amino acid chelated) 100 mcg.
Colostrum (25% Immunoglobulins) 300 mg.
Mushroom Extract Complex 250 mg.
(Extract 6:1 of Shiitake , Reishi and Maitake).
Green Tea Extract 200 mg.
(50% Polyphenols).

Max-Defense ™ contains natural active ingredients of green tea that have been shown to strengthen the immune system  like the ones called  polyphenols (L-Theanine and EGCG). These compounds stimulate the production of  beneficial immune cells such as white cells in the blood,  lymphocytes and interferon, virus fighters. These are the first line of defense against bacteria, viruses and free radicals, which constitute the main cause of premature aging.

With the use of Colostrum, rich in immunological factors (immunoglobulins, amino  acids and growth factors), which reside in the mucous membranes, Max-Defense ™ is intended to help to educate your immune system and act as a barrier  against the invaders and in turn destroy the antigens activating natural killer (NK) cells and phagocytes that constitute the first line of immune  defense.  Max-Defense ™, via the colostrum, also induces a lower secondary immune response by helping B cells to produce specific antibodies generated by invading pathogens.

The immunoglobulins have a critical importance since bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. Lethal bacteria infect our food stocks, new viruses multiply faster than vaccines to combat them, and also bacterial infections are associated with more diseases, including peptic ulcers and heart diseases.

For decades, professionals in alternative medicine have recognized the power immuno-potentiator of the mushrooms or fungus, one of the most primitive plant groups. Max-Defense ™ has included in the formulation  these  powerful healing  mushrooms to strengthen the immune system without producing toxic effects.  The common factor to all of them is the  presence of a natural  polysaccharide,  betaglucan, which scientists now recognize for its anticancerous  -immunomodulator value,  capable of activating and strengthening the body’s natural defenses and enhance the action of macrophages, T lymphocytes and natural killer cells (natural killer cells-NK-), increasing the level of interferon and thereby elevating the weakened immunity and resistance to viral infections  and tumors.

The supply of chelated mineral selenium content in the Max-Defense ™ takes advantage of its antioxidant properties to repair the damage done by oxygen toimmune cells. The phagocytic activity of neutrophils as a defense mechanism when supplemented with selenium, is increased, facilitating the ability to kill bacteria.

As a dietary supplement intake a tablet twice a day, preferably with meals.

Like increaser and preventive of the immune system, take one tablet of Max-Defense™ three times a day, just before the winter season or after exposure to infection. It is generally recommended for three-week period for preventive purposes. An additional ten-day treatment every 3 months is also advisable .

Max-Defense ™ has also been formulated to reduce the incidence and duration of symptoms of colds and flu. A daily dose of 2 tablets contains the active ingredients necessary to support the defenses.
With regular use of Max-Defense ™, a sustained balance of normal healthy  immune defense must be achieved. In some cases it may takes a slightly longer time for Max-Defense ™ works in a capability to support a healthy immune system.

It is important to take Max-Defense ™ regularly to provide ongoing support with a healthy lifestyle.

Anyone over 12 can benefit from the Max-Defense ™ formula that enhances the immune system.
Max-Defense ™ can especially benefit those individuals who need to support  routine immune strength to protect against common conditions associated with aging of cells.
Max-Defense ™ can be used consistently, without compromising health and without serious  collateral effects, to help to sustain the body’s natural ability to combat viral and bacterial infections.