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Max Cleanser


max cleanser supplement facts

Max Cleanser is a natural solution for constipation which can detoxify and cleanse waste and bacteria from your digestive system. Its powerful formula is a harmonious combination of fiber and natural laxatives that are designed to facilitate the elimination of feces in gently and effectively, while relieving constipation, gas and abdominal pain.

Max Cleanser contains psyllium, a fiber known as mechanical laxative that is not digested but absorb liquid in the intestines to form a soft dough, lumpy consistency. The reflection evacuatorio so normally stimulated by the presence and volume of stool.


Max Cleanser contains Senna lubricant laxative intestinal tract, which increases the coating evacuatorio bowel movement and voiding mass with a waterproof film. This keeps the moisture from the bolus, which keeps it soft and easier disposal.

Max Cleanser has also incorporated into its formula the osmotic laxative magnesium whose action is similar to that of mechanical laxatives because it increases the volume of water in the intestine, soften the stool and promotes bowel movements regularization.

Max Cleanser provides adequate amounts of Lactobacillus acidophilus (“friendly”) to generate the plant needed for colon and help restore the proper environmental balance acid / alkaline (pH), and thus prevent undesirable other bacterial species and parasites proliferate.

Max Cleanser containing a mixture of herbal medicines which act on the body desinflamando intestine, debugging, improving bowel motility and facilitating digestion.

The purpose of cleansing and detoxification of Max Colon Cleanser is to help you get rid of excess toxins and wastes that accumulate debit to bad eating habits. Max Cleanser is a natural and effective solution to promote bowel movements ( Senna , Buckthorm ) , increasing the volume of intestinal contents and assist in detoxification ( Psyllium ) ; soften the digestive tract ( Fennel ) support the process of digestion and restore beneficial bacterial flora ( Acidophilus ) .

The therapeutic action of Cleanser Max is determined by the following mechanisms:

Stimulation of colonic motility

Increasing intestinal motility by direct or indirect effects on the colonic mucosa reducing the time available for absorption . Max Cleanser contains a stimulant to be hydrolyzed by the bacteria of the large intestine release anthraquinone substances that act on the nerve endings of the intestine causing greater stimulation of bowel movements ( peristalsis) which favors defecation. ( Stimulants ) ( Senna , Buckthorm )

Moreover, it is believed that these compounds also act on the cells lining the small intestine by increasing the production of fluids and minerals ( especially potassium ) and decreasing absorption of certain minerals ( sodium and chlorine ) and intestinal fluid the large intestine , by increasing the volume of liquid , the pressure exerted on the intestinal wall results in a need to expel the stool.

Fluid retention in the colon

Max Cleanser produces a liquid retention in the colon by the hydrophilic or osmotic properties of the fiber comprising forming a soft dough , lumpy consistency . Swelling and absorbing fluids move these components break and embedded toxic waste in the folds and crevices of the colon by promoting normal bowel movements and reducing intestinal transit time . ( Volume ) ( Psyllium )
Some components of these fibers included in the formula Max Cleanser are digested by colonic bacteria to generate metabolites that contribute to the laxative action when added to the osmotic activity of luminal fluid . May also contribute to the growth of colonic bacteria , thereby increasing the fecal mass . It is also possible that the bacterial fermentation of fibers produces metabolites that influence the transport mechanisms of fluids and electrolytes.

Increased volume of water

Max Cleanser generates increased bowel movements by releasing water from body tissues surrounding the intestine. ( osmotic ) ( Magnesium )

Facilitating evacuation

Max Cleanser helps softening the stool by coating the bowel and voiding mass with a waterproof film . This keeps the moisture from the bolus , which keeps it soft and facilitate their evacuation slide achieving easier. ( Fennel )

Aid in digestion processes and increased bile flow providing the gut integrity and functionality . ( Papaya , Peppermint , Celery , Rose Hips ) .
Colonization with beneficial bacteria in the colon and strengthening the defenses to prevent the invasion of toxic bacteria . ( Acidophillus )
By the sum of all these mechanisms Max Cleanser allows a synergistic effect , which acts naturally facilitating cleansing and detoxifying the colon to prevent the causes of many diseases , enjoy a pleasant digestion , improve energy levels and maintain good health .
It is important to note that a colon cleansing and detoxification is the first step recommended in a regimen of whole body cleansing